A Journey To Sobriety

Drug Rehab Center Oregon offers inpatient, residential and outpatient services to any person 18 years or older. Our inpatient program offers 24/7 medically supervised detoxification. Our highly trained professional staff will be there with you to deal with any fears or complications. They will stay with you to ensure a safe withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. Everyone will work together to get you the best possible treatment plan. Our residential services are offered to you when detoxification is complete. You will learn everything about the disease of addiction. This will help you understand more about the reason why you are there. You will also attend group therapy with other addicts and learn how to stay sober and live a healthier life. Drug addiction does not happen over night and the group therapy will take some time for addicts to adjust. If you have a good attitude for wanting sobriety, you will fit in right away. There is family therapy for you and your family members during the time you are in group therapy for those family members that are willing to help and understand the road to success. This is a great time to try a repair any damaged relationships. Our outpatient services are for those that have completed the inpatient and residential services. It is a great ongoing process to help you stay sober. The addiction recovery requires an everyday commitment to sobriety and working hard will get you there. You are not alone on your journey to recovery and we are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. This will not be easy but it will be an adventure to happiness. More info: drug rehab center Oregon

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