Klose To My Heart – Live Concert By The Musical Hero Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam has always been India’s favorite singer and musician. He is considered the living idol of music. His musical escapades abroad have further earned him an international reputation with millions of fans abroad totally in love with his voice and persona. The latest hit that is being looked forward to by all his fans is his new musical extravaganza named Klose to my heart. This much hyped event showcases his talents in the most extraordinary way. The concert will witness Sonu singing classic and new songs that are ‘close to his heart’. The show Klose to my heart is the much talked about and anticipated event of the year 2012.

The tickets for the event are available online and can be purchased in advance. The show will witness for the first time, Sonu Nigam in a brilliantly new style as never before. The concert is expected to take place in various venues where Sonu will be giving his best. Sonu Nigam has always been a musician respected by the world for his charismatic and enchanting personali

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