Commercial Plumbing As A Career Choice

Many individuals who are attempting to earn a living have been moving into white collar jobs in increasing numbers. The prestige in these white collar jobs are typically higher than those of blue collar work, although the money associated with it is typically not as beneficial as one may assume. White collar jobs for one have numerous costs associated with obtaining a college degree, and lost earnings associated with doing so. For example, a private four year college can cost an individual $200,000 or more, and take away four of his prime working years, which can truly set someone behind in his job.

A career in an areas such as commercial plumbing is much underrated as a stable way to earn money and raise a family. For one, the education requirements are lower than a four year college. However, there are many opportunities to open your own business or to work in a larger consortium with plumbers, once you have been admitted into a union. In addition, a career in commercial plumbing cannot be exported to an international country for lower wages, for obvious reasons.

Furthermore, the wages and benefits associated with a career in commercial plumbing is often higher than you would otherwise have thought it would be, which provides stability to the career. Many people do not want to enter a career in commercial plumbing due to the imagery and uncleanliness of the work. However, this provides job stability and protection for you in your career as it prevents a dilution in the number of plumbers out there. More info: commercial plumbing Northbrook

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