Delicious Wisconsin Cheese

For all the cheese lovers out there, Wisconsin cheese offers an abundance of delicious options that are too delectable to ignore. The art and science of producing cheese has been brought to new and exalted heights in Wisconsin. More than 600 different varieties of cheese are produced in the state and the quality is utterly magnificent.

The industry began on a very small scale in 1841 and has grown into an enterprise that encompasses about 12,000 dairy farms and over one million cows that provide quality milk. The state of Wisconsin is responsible for producing over 2.6 billion pounds of cheese every year. Whatever the customer’s particular preference, Wisconsin has a cheese for every taste.

There are many categories of cheese available, ranging from Blue cheese, to hard cheese to processed cheese, semi-hard, semi- soft, soft ripened, and pasta filata. Pasta filata cheeses are a category that includes mozzarella and string cheese.

Wisconsin cheeses are available across the country in supermarkets and specialty stores. You can even order cheese online or via mail order direct from the producers. There are so many wonderful recipes available that will put your cheese selection to good and delicious use. The possibilities are endless and the various cheeses available so abundant that choosing a cheese is like being a kid in a candy store.

Cheese is a wonderful addition to every meal, recipe or situation. It is lovely served with crackers and wine or in a fondue when entertaining. I think it is fair to say that Wisconsin cheeses are “udderly” delicious!
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