Divorce Attorney

When one side of a couple decides they are unhappy, or they mutually decide the marriage isn’t working for them, the next step needs to be mapped out. The very next step decides the course of the proceedings. Will they be amicable or will they be brutal? That would depend on the assets involved in the marriage, and whether they can be split up equitably.

Basically, it is up to the individual couple whether or not the divorce process ends up being volatile. To be fair to both sides, the couple may opt to use a mediator to orchestrate a splitting of the assets. That person could be a divorce attorney or a court appointed mediator. This is another decision left up to the divorcing couple.

Unfortunately, not all divorces are calm. Most divorces, in fact, are volatile, angry and vindictive. One side starts with anger and it quickly escalates until both sides have divorce attorneys negotiating every decision to favor their client. Accusations of adultery might start flying back and forth. Blame and anger flows freely from both sides of the divorce.

When there are children involved, then the animosity and tug of war can reach a fevered pitch. Both sides may want full custody. They cannot both have full custody. Often this can be the focus of the negotiations. Child custody can get ugly and might need the attention of the courts if a decision can’t be reached. Cases that involve children that can’t be settled outside of court are the ones that take the longest to settle at all. More info: Divorce Attorney Montgomery County

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