Fry Bread Facts & Fixin’s

Fry Bread is traditionally a Native American Food that consists of a flat dough that is deep fried in oil, lard, or shortening. It can stand by itself or may be topped with honey, jam, pumpkin, squash, fruits, sweets or beef. Fry Bread is very popular in The Native American Tradition. It is often served at gatherings, festivals, and pow wows. What a typical American may find at a restaurant or gathering that serves fry bread may vary a great deal from what is traditionally served amongst families and in the Native American Family’s home.

Fry Bread sounds extremely appetizing, however, after doing some research I have found that it contains 27 grams of fat and 700 calories before any toppings are added to it. That’s just the bread alone! This a supposed to be a complementary dish rather than a main course. Dieters Beware!

Fry bread is also the base of a Native American Taco. To make fry bread into an indian taco, a person would add common taco toppings such as lettuce, onions, tomatoes, ground beef and/o

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