Opening A Family Business With My Sister

Most of the jobs that I’ve held since I became an adult have been part-time retail positions that didn’t pay much or involve significant responsibility. That’s always worked out well for me, because I considered my main job to be raising my three children. My husband was always able to find high-paying work, and we never had to go without things that we needed. Although life was pleasant while the children were growing up, I sometimes thought that it would be smart for me to gain some marketable job skills in the event that circumstance changed. However, I never did so.

Several years after our oldest daughter married her college boyfriend, my husband died of a heart attack. Although the life insurance policy was enough to get me by for a short time, it became apparent that I’d have to put some serious effort into generating an income of my own. My sister had recently been divorced and was having some of the same issues that I was, so we played around with the idea of opening our own crafts business. We wer More info: Family Business Consulting

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