Parking Garages

Parking garages are used all over the world to accommodate an ever-growing need for people to place their vehicles somewhere away from home. They may vary in size, shape and cost, but parking garages are an integral part of every large city. With limited street area for vehicles to park in, these towering giants offer a high-capacity, small footprint solution to big city parking.

The most common type of parking garage is that of a multi-tiered concrete garage that requires a fee to park in. When entering these gated garages, the driver must take a ticket from a machine that is timestamped. When the driver is ready to leave, he must submit the ticket and pay the fee for his alloted time. Often, this process is automated by the use of a machine.

Parking garages are also used near airports. Considering the massive amount of people that use airports every day, there has to be somewhere for their vehicles to sit until they return. People who drive themselves to the parking garage are usually offered the opti More info: EWR parking Newark

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