Holes in the roofing let in water or pests like squirrels or raccoons. These pests will make homes in the roof of your home. They will often hibernate in the warm upper floors and can even get into the walls. They cannot differentiate between a tree and your home when it comes to nesting. All they know is that it is warmer up there than it is outside. They will burrow in and make a nest and have babies up in your roof. Other creatures can make a home in holes in your roof. The hole does not even have to be that big. Any size hole will let in a potential problem. Small holes can hold hornet’s nests. Medium holes could be big enough for birds to nest. Larger holes will let in the squirrels or raccoons.

During a rain storm, is the best time to go check your roof to spy for leaks. Next time there is a rainstorm go to the highest level of your home and check along the edges of the walls and ceiling if it’s a living space. If the highest floor is the attic, even better, this makes checking the space that much easier since most of the walls are exposed wood without the finishing of drywall that living spaces have. Look for wet patches along the edges of the walls and ceiling. Be sure to get up close to the edges so you can feel any breezes or cool air getting in the home. That could be the potential for a hole if one does not already exist. More info: roofing colorado

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