Stools Available At Furniture Stores

There are some furniture items which have gained popularity in the last few years. Among these items are the various styles of stools used in kitchens and dining rooms. The furniture store Norcross residents can shop at will usually carry a few different styles of stools. The classic stool is known as the bar stool and is created with a base made of metal or wood with a small round or square seat. The seat can be left as the hard material or it can be padded and upholstered in fabric. The stools with round upholstered seats are the most common styles available.

There are also stools referred to as counter height stools. These are designed for use with the kitchen counters people have installed as extended arms on cabinets or as islands. These stools are available with the same basic seats as the bar models, but they can also come in styles with full chairs attached to the frames. The chairs will be designed with full back rests and can include arm rests as well. These chairs are placed on top of the frame, which can be wood or metal. The chairs can range in design from modern styles made of molded plastic to elegant models made of wood.

The formal models of counter height stools can also be used in formal dining or living room areas where a counter bar is present. In addition to the stools designed for indoor use there are some created to be used with outdoor bars, which can be made of wicker. More info: Furniture Store Norcross

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