Successful Tips For A Non Waived Lab

Medical facilities will greatly benefit from following valuable tips on non waived lab testing. Medical facilities can use the tips to develop procedures and improve quality assessments.

Personnel wise it is very important for a lab to be to document the education and licenses of every employee in the lab. Another good tip for non waived labs to follow is having in place a way to train new employees. Also, the employees should face an annual competency test. This will keep employees sharp and sufficient in their skill levels.

It is vitally important for non waived labs to have written instructions that explain step by step how patient specimens are verified. These instructions should include the age, sex and date of birth of all patients. Also, it is very important that safety measures are put in place to make certain that the specimens are labeled correctly. There should be panic numbers issued and all lab employees should be informed on what to do if these numbers show up during testing.

Also, non waived lab records must follow the legal guidelines and the guidelines set in place by Medicare. Lab results are very important to people’s lives and they must be as accurate as possible. It is imperative that non waived labs have top quality control measures in place to avoid costly and deadly mistakes.

If a non waived lab is to be successful they must follow strict guidelines and must have well-trained and knowledgeable personnel to keep the lab operating smoothly and effectively. If non waived labs follow these and other guidelines they will be a success.

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