What Is An Fertility Clinic

Many couples have trouble giving birth to a child. As our bodies and genes are preprogrammed to want to have children, having difficulty having children may be impossible to accept. These individuals often want the best possible option when having children and will take any advantage that they can to increase their probability of having children. Even people who were once successful at having children, or who held off on having children early in life, are now reaching an age, typically in their early forties, where having children becomes more and more difficult to accomplish. These people will often visit an fertility clinic to improve the chances of conceiving a child.

What exactly is a fertility clinic however? A fertility clinic includes a trained medical professional, usually consisting of a doctor, nurses, receptionist and admin, as well as medical assistants. An appointment at a fertility clinic typically involves an interview where you discuss your history with attempting to have children, your medical conditions, and any existing children you have. Diagnostics and possibly genetic tests are performed where you and your spouse or mate are tested for genetic compatability (usually meaning no recessive genes that you both possess that may be harmful to the baby) as well as for any existing illnesses or health problems.

Based upon the information gathered at the fertility clinic the doctor provides advice on the steps you can take to increase the chance of conception. This may include hormones, certain foods or other items that can increase the chance of having children. You may also be told of different times of the month where your chances are heightened so that you can have children. More info: San Francisco fertility clinic

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