What Is OSHA Training

When working within certain environments or situations the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires safety and health training for employees to be conducted by the employer. This means it is an employer responsively to be sure that employees are certified for particular job assignments. Training and certification can take place either in or outside of the workplace. OSHA believes that OSHA training plays an important part in employee’s safety and health, all the training protects workers from accidental injury and illnesses.

All employers should keep a record of certifications of health and safety training for their employees. Ignorance of job hazards and not knowing proper work practices results in higher injury rates, consequent in lower production and unnecessary money on preventable medical issues. Documentation shows that an employer is following OSHA standards in training and can provide answers when accident investigators want to know about the employee training.

OSHA training has seven guideline for employers to follow when providing safety and health training
1. Decide if a issue can be solved by training
2. Conclude what training is required
3. Recognize the goals of the training
4. Devise training activities
5. Carry out training
6. Assess training effectiveness
7. If needed amend training program based on responses

All OSHA training follows this guideline to supply employers with a set design for conducting, testing and amending health and safety training programs. If employees don’t understand the safety procedures they need to follow to perform certain job, then the training program needs to be amended until every employee can secure the certificate that they need for their job and reduce the chances of accidental injuries while on the job. More info: osha training

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