What To Expect With Laser Skin Resurfacing Tampa

If you have scarring from acne or from an accident as a child, one of the procedures that can be used to minimize the problem, and in some cases fix it, is laser skin resurfacing Tampa. Laser skin resurfacing is a medical procedure that sounds a lot scarier than it is. In fact, with most laser skin resurfacing Tampa, you’ll only feel a little discomfort for a few days but end up with much prettier looking skin.

Laser skin resurfacing is done at a hospital or a clinic on an outpatient basis. With most procedures, unless you are having a large area of skin resurfaced, the whole medical procedure takes less than an hour from start to finish. You will usually be sat up while the laser does its work, and you’ll have to wear a small set of goggles to protect your eyes from the laser’s light.

As the procedure is being done, you’ll usually feel a slight stinging feeling all around the area that is being treated. You’ll often also smell the odor of burning skin. Of course, that can definitely leave you feeling a little nervous but it is completely normal.

Once the laser treatment has ended, the technician will wipe away the dead skin and the skin that has emerged because of the procedure will be treated with a gel or cream to keep it cool and hydrated. As a patient, your job is simply to keep the skin clean and well moisturized with the gel or cream until the skin has begun to heal. That usually takes only three to five days.

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