Working With Cured In Place Pipe

Cured-in-place pipe is more of a method than it is a material. It is one of many ways of repairing existing pipe without digging a trench to remove the length of failed pipe. Cured-in-place pipe is a pipe-within-a-pipe solution that is used to repair water pipes, sewerage lines, natural gas pipes, storm runoff systems, and liquid industrial materials pipelines. The cured-in-place method of pipeline repair does not in most cases require digging up the existing structurally deficient pipe. Instead, a synthetic liner saturated with adhesive resins is pulled through the damaged section of pipe starting from a manhole or some other access point, and inflated with air or water so that it comes into contact with all areas of the existing pipe walls covering them completely. These adhesive resins when cured cause the liner to become a rock hard, and water proof replacement pipe within a pipe that is capable of sealing off and any kind of failure within the existing pipe so that it can be quickly put back into se More info: cured in place pipe Owatonna

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